Energy and Constitution

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German version: Strom und Verfassung

The liberation of large energy consumers was the Oberlandesgericht Dusseldorf invalidated.

Strom &Verfassung | GundgesetzThe plan of the black-yellow government ever could be loaded only “the little man” with the cost of the energy revolution soon be prevented by appropriate court orders. Higher Regional Court Dusseldorf noted now that the exemption from electricity-intensive companies is ineffective. The 3rd Antitrust Division of the Court of Appeal considers the current system unconstitutional and void, it announced the presiding judge Wiegand Laubstein.

Oderlandesgericht DüsseldorfA European Commission doubts that the liberation of energy-intensive companies as regards exemption from network charges is lawful and has initiated proceedings against the Federal Republic. Before the Higher Regional Court in Dusseldorf five regional and national operators sued by the federal government in 2011 introduced regulation. The exemption for energy intensive companies was illegal in their opinion and contrary to the European law.

EU-Kommision | prüft die Rechtmäßigkeit der NetzentgelteAccording to an initial statement, the Ministry of Economics, sees the criticism of the EU Commission on state aid for electricity-intensive companies with equanimity, as the network funding is paid by the consumer and not by the state. It is further stated that this was a return for energy-intensive businesses to contribute to stabilization of the network. Are currently the Agency before 202 applications from companies for the Liberation of network charges. In total, the cost for the liberation of energy intensive industries for the year 2013 amounted to € 800 million.

The inequality in the cost of the electricity networks, led not only to consumers in a significant harm his displeasure in particular, small and medium enterprises which their larger competitors so had also subsidize. Should the EU Commission concluded that the federal government has the energy-intensive companies gives illegal aid, threatens these companies an additional payment of fees. To what extent this can be passed on to the consumer then to calculate each creator. The liberation of energy intensive industries was established by the FDP with an improved competitiveness of energy-intensive companies in the past few months but also posed many companies are not in an international competition are a request to free the network charge.